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Cigars – Mild to Medium

Shockoe Valley
Shape: Robusto Wrapper: Connecticut Filler: Dominican
Mild – With toasted cedar notes and a backbone of leather and herbs…5.0″x50…$8.95
CAO Moontrance
Shape:Petite Corona Wrapper: Cameroon Filler: Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan, Peruvian
Mild – Fruit and bourbon vanilla extracts with hints of peach nectar…4.0″x40…$8.95
Shape: Robusto Wrapper: Connecticut Filler: Honduran
Mild – A toasty aroma takes over with a sweet finish…5.0″x50…$8.95
Macanudo Café Hampton Court
Shape: Corona Wrapper: Connecticut Filler: Dominican, Mexican
Mild – Celebrated for its mild body, mellow flavor, and consistency …5.75″x43…$12.95
Davidoff 2000
Shape: Corona Wrapper: Connecticut Filler: Dominican
Mild to Medium – Delivers notes of cream and earth, with subtle hints of nuts…5.0″x43…$21.95
Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real
Shape: Corona Wrapper: Connecticut Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Mild to Medium – A toasty aroma and smooth character …5.5″x44…$10.95
Ashton Classic
Shape: Corona Wrapper: Connecticut Filler: Dominican
Mild to Medium – Aroma is toasty, with wood and cashews…5.5″x44…$14.95
Java Maduro
Shape: Robusto Wrapper: Maduro Filler: Nicaraguan
Mild to Medium – An infusion of cocoa and espresso beans with a well-balanced mix of Nicaraguan tobaccos…5.5″x50…$14.95
RP Vintage ’99 Connecticut
Shape: Petite Corona or Toro Wrapper: Connecticut Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Mild to Medium – Creamy cigar with a toasty aroma and a salty hint…4.5″x44 or 6.5″x52…$15.95
Montecristo Classic
Shape: Robusto or No.2 Torpedo Wrapper: Connecticut Filler: Dominican
Mild to Medium – Subtle hints of cedar and vanilla…5.0″x52 or 6.1″x52…$18.95 or $23.95
Acid Kuba Kuba
Shape: Robusto Wrapper: Sumatra Filler: Nicaraguan
Medium – Essential oils are gently infused into the cigar, providing a unique aroma and flavor…5.0″x54…$15.95

Cigars – Medium to Full

Cohiba Red Dot
Shape: Robusto Wrapper: Cameroon Filler: Dominican
Medium – A sweet and rich aroma that is medium to full-bodied. The Cohiba Red Dot is the legal version, of a Cuban Cohiba…5.0″x49…$24.95
Flor de las Antillas MAM – 13
Shape: Toro Wrapper: Sun Grown Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Medium – Spice recedes into flavors consisting of pepper and leather…6.0″x52…$13.95
Rocky Patel Vintage ’90
Shape: Toro Wrapper: Sumatra Filler: Nicaraguan
Medium – Milky smoke; notes of cedar and espresso intermingle …6.5″x52…$15.95
Arturo Fuente Hemingway
Shape: Perfecto Wrapper: Connecticut Filler: Dominican
Medium to Full – lots of rich earthy flavors and a spicy finish …4.0″x48…$10.95
La Aroma De Cuba
Shape: Immensa Wrapper: Connecticut Filler: Nicaraguan
Medium to Full – A famous turn of the century Cuban brand made famous by Sir Winston Churchill…5.7″x60…$12.95
Padron 3000
Shape: Robusto Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro Filler: Nicaraguan
Medium to Full – Defined by its distinct earthy and espresso aroma…5.5″x52…$10.95
Davidoff Nicaragua
Shape: Robusto Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Rosado Filler: Nicaraguan
Full – Thick, creamy smoke with flavors of earth mixed with spices; intensifying as the cigar burns yet it is perfectly balanced…5.0″x50…$24.95
Padron 1964 Anniversary
Shape: Robusto Wrapper: Nicaraguan Filler: Nicaraguan
Full – Rich complex aromas: many flavors populate the palate; each is definable as the cigar changes while it burns…5.5″x52…$26.95
Nub 460
Shape: Gordo Wrapper: Habano Filler: Nicaraguan Habano
Full – Has a robust, full-bodied flavor with a hint of spice…4.0″x60…$11.95
Padron 1926
Shape: Corona Wrapper: Maduro Filler: Nicaraguan
Full – A full-bodied powerhouse; it is the rarest cigar in the Padron family with a full spicy flavor that entices the palate…4.0″x48 #35…$19.95
Rocky Patel Edge
Shape: Torpedo or Toro Wrapper: Maduro Filler: Honduran
Full – One of the most robust cigars on the market with a full-bodied spicy aroma and super-long finish…5.0″x48 or 6.0″x52…$11.95


Original Mojito
Rum, fresh mint, fresh lime juice, soda water
Mango Jalapeño Mojito
Cruzan Mango rum, mango puree, muddled jalapeños, fresh lime juice, soda water, fresh mint
Strawberry Kiwi Mojito
Rum, strawberry puree, kiwi puree, fresh lime juice, soda water, fresh mint
Pear St. Germaine Mojito
Absolut Pear, St Germaine, fresh lime juice, soda water, fresh mint
Island Mojito
Myers Dark rum, Cruzan Coconut rum, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, soda water, fresh mint
Coconut Mojito
Captain Morgan Loco Nut rum, New Amsterdam Coconut vodka, fresh lime juice, soda water, fresh mint
Hennessey Black Mojito
Our original mojito with Hennessey Black cognac
*Additional Fresh Fruit Flavors*
Guava, Passion Fruit, Cranberry, Pineapple, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Mango, Kiwi, White Peach – Flavors available upon request for an additional charge

Specialty Cocktails

Limonada de Melocotón
Peach infused Bulleit bourbon, lemon sour, simple syrup, peach puree, soda water
Pusser’s Painkiller
The historic and iconic drink from the British Virgin Islands; Pusser’s rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, cream of coconut, nutmeg & toasted coconut garnish
Kat’s Granada
Hendrick’s gin, elderflower liqueur, lemon sour, pomegranate puree, Fee Brothers’ rhubarb bitters
90 miles to Duval St.
Square One Cucumber vodka, simple syrup, muddled jalapeños & cucumbers, fresh pineapple juice
El Paradiso
Layered twist on the classic lemon drop martini with blue curaćao & grenadine
Cobian Connection
Don Julio tequila, Campari, fresh lime juice, fresh orange juice, salted rim
The Malecón
Botanist gin, elderflower liqueur, Bitterman’s Boston Bittahs, lemon sour, muddled cucumber & basil
Mango Heat
House infused mango vodka, triple sec, mango puree, fresh lime juice, fresh cranberry juice, jalapeños *this can be a spicy drink*
The experienced bartenders at Havana 59 can accommodate any request! We offer a full bar with a large variety of spirits, local and regional craft beers as well as most popular imports and domestic selections.