Top Cuban Dishes You Need To Try

When you go to another country, one of the best ways to learn and enjoy it is to know and experience their culture. One of the easy ways to do that is through food. Cuba is a country that is rich in history and culture, and it can be seen through their food. There is a lot you can try. You might be confused and do not know what to start with. Well, you can start with the following and would be enough experience:

1. Ropa Vieja

It is a beef dish and definitely a must-try. It is always a suggested food to try in Cuba and not just because it is their national dish but also of how great it is. A hearty meal with shredded beef that is quite like a stew with a sauce made of tomato and other spices. It is always paired with rice and at times with plantain and black beans. With that combo, it is really a treat.

2. Cubano

If you are a big sandwich fan, this is one of those things you should try. At first, you might think it is just like a ham and cheese sandwich, but it is not. It is a Cuban sandwich and is really different and done just like any other Cuban dishes, full of flavor and spices. Not only it has ham and cheese, but it is also mixed with roasted park, pickles, and mustard. The sandwich is grilled and will surely a perfect snack for your craving.

3. Pernil

Another classic Cuban dish made with roasted pork shoulder. It is a dish usually served during Christmas but can definitely have any time. It is also paired up with rice and black beans.

4. Maduros

Here is something sweet. It is plantains fried and sprinkled with a bit of sugar. This is perfect not only as a dessert or snack but also as a great side dish at any time.

5. Picadillo

Another hearty dish made with ground beef mixed with olives, raisins, and other different spices. It is also cooked in tomato sauce and white wine. This is another dish you cannot miss and must-try in Cuba.

6. Black Beans

Not really a dish, but a staple in Cuban dishes. Even if it just mixed in rice, it is already a perfect dish. It is also often used as a side dish and is often cooked as a soup with bay leaves and mixed of spices. It is a good addition indeed.

7. Yuca Con Mojo

Yuca, or the cassava root, is starchy and similar to a potato and can be eaten like one. This is very popular in Cuba and can be cooked in different ways. Whether it be steamed, baked, or fried like French fries, it is a treat itself. One of the popular dishes with it is the yuca con mojo which is yuca covered with mojo sauce (sauce made with citrus juice and garlic). It is usually the best side dish for pork.